The #techyourself guide and video series is a framework course for candidates to learn how to use tech in their campaigns to WIN!  Created by 10 digital campaign managers, a series of political-digital tech hubs and distributed via over 80 distribution partners and at the 2019 NewFounders conference, this curriculum aims to give candidates across the Unites States, in 2 hours or less, a total framework for understanding how to digitize their campaigns and run the savviest race they can.

#Tech Yourself Guide is Live NOW!

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Topics Covered

Digital Spending and Budget

Learn what part of your budget to spend on digital media, and deploy your ads!

Data and Data Hubs

Learn about the party’s efforts to share data in real-time between organizations and candidates!

Tech Tools

Learn which tech tool “stacks” to use at which levels of campaign.

Team Organization

Learn the best organizational charts for your team at various campaign levels.

Web Presence, Site and Email

Learn the basics of web presence, making a web site, starting social media, making email lists and more.

Cybersecurity Basics

Learn the kinds of attacks you might face, and how to protect against all of them at any campaign level.

Easy to Use Resources

Created by political analysts, campaign managers and consultants.

  • Training Videos
  • Guide and Calculator
  • Consultant Meetings

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