Expert Reviewers and Course Creators

Expert Reviewers

Earl Dos Santos

Digital Strategist and Automation Expert

Jay Parmley

Executive Director of the Alaska Democratic Party

Jess Riegel

Co-Founder and CEO of Motivote

Lauren Gepford

Executive Director of the Missouri Democratic Party

Robert Reynolds

Co-Founder of VoteTripling

Course Creators

Beth Becker

Founder of Becker Digital Strategies

Callan Martinez

Civil Litigator and Political Consultant

Deepak Puri

Co-Founder of Democracy Labs

Dylan Cate

Field and Organizing Strategists and Founder of Dylan Cate Strategic

Genevieve Thiers

Master Curator of #TechYourself

Haley Bash

Full Stack Engineer and Digital Grassroots Organizer

Jake Braun

Chief Executive Officer of Cambridge Global Advisors (CGA) and Managing Director of Cambridge Global Capital (CGC)

Kevin Pujanauski

Community Organizer

Mario Piscatella

Founder and President of MPA Political LLC

Megan Clasen

Digital Political Consultant

Michael Kurtz

Political Consultant