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Free 212-page @Techyourself digital framework guide just released by the @NewFoundersHQ at Candidates on the democratic and progressive side, let’s “level up” in terms of our tech knowledge for 2019 races onwards! 


Candidates and teams, don’t know which of the 300+ tech tools to use in your race?  Get a specific analysis based on your size of race with the new, free 212-page TechYourself guide from NewFoundersHQ, found online at  Let’s go win.  #techyourself #newfounders #candidatetraining #democraticcandidate #progressive-candidate  

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TITLE: Free digital campaign playbook just released at  Covering digital spend, ideal tools to use, and much more!



In a sea of over 300 tech tools, new ways popping up every day to advertise online and with varying degrees of tech knowledge entering a campaign, it can often be impossible to know where to start if you want to run a digitally savvy campaign.  

  A group of savvy digital campaign managers out of the NewFounders group in Chicago (see  decided to take this problem on this past year, so that you have what you need to know at your fingertips as you begin your run.  This group has created the free 192-page TechYourself Guide, which can be accessed here. They have also created a free Persuasion spend calculator (answer four questions and it will tell you what your spend should be) here.  And there’s a resource library with tons of subguides and easy resource sheets if the guide itself is too long!  

Digital experts that made the guide include Megan Clasen (now with Kamala Harris, formerly working with JB Pritzker,) Beth Becker of Becker Digital Strategies, Michael Kurtz, Mario Piscatella, Dylan Cate, Haley Bash, Callan Martinez, Deepak Puri, Kevin Pujanowski and cyber expert Jake Braun.

The guide is made for all levels, and for all entry points–especially lower level downballot candidates!  If you are not tech savvy and running for Congress, this guide can help you.  If you are tech-savvy and running for school board, this guide can help you.  It’s a step by step playbook that breaks down campaigns one five size bands and then illustrates what percentage of your budget should be spend on online media at each band, how to deploy that online media spend, what tools over the 300+ out there to use at each band, how to get the best data, how to make your website, social media and more and how to protect your campaign with cybersecurity, among other things.  It’s an absolute must for the candidate that wants to run a digitally savvy campaign and compete on today’s playing field.  To download the guide, please head to and use code WIN2020!. 

Please tell your candidates to as well!  We must run well and WIN.

The Techyourself team

Genevieve Thiers Master Editor