Resource Sheets for Different Band Campaigns

Read and share quick and easy infographics about campaign digital management based on your band size.

Bringing You To The Top

To break out which campaign tech you should be using and how you should organize tech within your team, we need to look at the differing sizes of campaigns out there.  Broadly, campaigns fit into five size bands. Campaign size has a lot to do with how candidates should use and benefit from political technology.  Below you will find resources and sub guides for each band.

Band One Campaigns

$5000 to $25000: this level of race is for school board level, county races or municipal races.

Band Two Campaigns

$26,000 to $300,000: this level of race can include county seats, aldermanic races, and even state senate races in small and medium states.  (Some state senate seats will be more, especially in California, Florida, and New York. These races for state senate can get very large, and even some large mayoral races will exceed this band- for example Chicago and New York City mayoral elections can get into the millions.)

Band Three Campaigns

$300,000 to $750,000: this band encompasses most large state senate races, excluding the absurdly large ones, and this is also the starting range for smaller national Congressional races in small states.

Band Four Campaigns

$750,000-$10 million: this covers the largest state senate races, most national Congressional races, a few very special mayorals in large cities, and some governorship races.  (Although, JB Pritzker this past year spent $300 million in Illinois, and Rick Scott and Meg Whitman spent at least $100 million each out of pocket in their races.)

Band Five Campaigns

$10 million  to $1.5-2 billion: this covers presidential outliers and the largest statewide and congressional races.