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What is #Techyourself?

The 2020 playing field is going to be digital and the candidate that spends the most on digital persuasion will win. Right now, this is Donald Trump.  

But, an enterprising team of democrats and progressives consisting of the top 10 digital campaign managers in the country and led by tech entrepreneur and investor Genevieve Thiers (Sittercity.com, 1871, investor,) has just made the #Techyourself Guide. Released in 2019,#Techyourself is a free comprehensive guide that gives candidates the frameworks that they need to run the best digitally-informed campaigns.  The guide is accompanied by online courses for campaigns broken into 5 levels; from band one, which covers county and school board campaigns, to band five, which covers the highest Congressional campaigns. 

The digital campaign managers and experts involved are Megan Clasen, Jake Braun, Beth Becker, Mario Piscatella, Michael Kurtz, Dylan Cate, Kevin Pujanauski, Deepak Puri, and Haley Bash. However, expert reviewers, including tech builders, state party leaders, and tech hub founders have all reviewed the doc and added to its expertise, making it the most comprehensive guide ever made for candidates on the Left.  It is accompanied by tools like a free persuasion spend calculator, which allows a candidate to learn their ideal spend in less than a minute by answering four questions online.

The Left is critically behind by campaigns on the right  who generally spend 40% of their budgets on digital and tech tools. Because of this, the #Techyourself guide and classes was created to allow a candidate to educate themselves in 2 hours or less. We cover the four areas of digital spend: how to calculate budgets, tech top stacks needed at various levels of campaigns, how to get the best data and make bad data better, how to organize teams around digital media and tech tools, how to decipher the cloud of over 300 tech tools and choose the best ones, what to ask digital agencies and consultants before hiring, how to make a web site and social media presence, basic cybersecurity and much more.  It’s made for beginners and includes everything someone entering politics for the first time needs to know.

Over 80 distribution partners, including Voterunlead, National Democratic Training Committee, Votemama, Ignite, Missouri State Party, Alaska State Party and more are distributing the guide to their candidates. 

Become a distribution partner now by writing us at gen@newfounders.us for the password to distribute this to your candidates and their teams.

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Written and curated by the best in the industry, the #techyourself team has dedicated their careers to helping the left run more efficient campaigns. 

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