Megan Clasen

Digital Political Consultant


Megan Clasen is a political consultant who specializes in digital work, in particular paid media and creative. She graduated from Miami University of Ohio with a marketing degree, and went on to spend the first part of her career working at agencies in New York learning best practices for digital through the private sector. She then took a digital media role in Hillary Clinton’s campaign office, where she spent a year and a half working on digital advertising for Hillary’s primary and general elections. She learned how to build a list of donors online (her team raised over 100M for the campaign with digital ads) and how to use digital ads to persuade voters through a wide range of online partners. She also worked on GOTV efforts, such as voter registration, commit to vote programs, early vote, vote by mail, etc. Megan then took this skillset and applied it to her next job as Digital Director for JB for Governor, where she built the largest statewide digital operation in the country. Most of the digital team was hired in house, allowing them to respond rapidly and work closely with other departments to implement digital strategies. All of the digital creative (including video advertising) was done by the internal team, and tested through online surveys to prove the effectiveness prior to launching. Megan is passionate about continuing to push for digital advancements on campaigns, and for digital specific creative that is optimized to the online experience.

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