Genevieve Thiers

Master Curator of #TechYourself


Genevieve Thiers is the master editor and donor of the #techyourself guide.  Created as an extension of NewFounders, the guide is a coalition effort across over 100 leaders to get Left candidates caught up to their Republican counterparts in terms of digital training and tech usage in the 2020 elections.  Genevieve is the founder of, launched in 2001.  Now with millions of users all over the world, the site has revolutionized childcare, created and sold a B-B corporate division, and won over 18 major awards and been the subject of thousands of media stories, including TODAY show, the View, Ellen, CBS, NBC, Fox, CNN, and many more.  Thiers is a huge promoter of women, and has invested in over 15 women in tech companies.  She is on the board of 1871 Chicago, and the WEI Institute for Women in Technology.  She speaks around the world on topics relating to women in tech, tech and politics, and how America needs to revitalize and re-platform its systems to capture the new digital generation.  You can see her political work at  You can see her tech work at and  You can see her moonlight as an opera singer at

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